Where I am

I am 30 and some months. I am unmarried, un-partnered, un-mortgaged, without child. I am living back with my parents. I own very little of anything. I am dealing with my anxieties – of being unmarried, un-partnered, un-mortgaged, without child. of living back with my parents. of owning very little of anything. But, I am […]

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What I Carry

As I’ve written before, I owe so much to my heartbreak. It was the shakeup I needed to makeup with my Self. But now, after all has settled, I can see the aftermath. My heartbreak has left me with baggage, at least a little carry on suitcase. I don’t trust so easy. H was kind, […]

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My Fears

Recently my fears were running rampant. I tried fending them off but this only seemed to make them more feral. So, I decided I would just invite them in, and allow them to be heard. And I listened. I fear that: maybe the reason why I have no idea what I’m doing is because I […]

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When I Said Yes

You’d visit me, in my sleep, and even when I woke, like a knight to the rescue. You would ask me the same question, and I would reply with the same answer, “no”. I would tell you I wasn’t ready, I didn’t believe in me. I was just terrified, convinced I couldn’t live up to […]

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When I Was Successful

I’ve started blogs, projects, jobs, careers. I’ve also ceased to continue them and in doing so, I felt as though I had failed. But every decision I made was calculated and meticulously thought out. I stopped my Tumblr blog because I didn’t enjoy the platform and I no longer felt connected to my words. I took a break until […]

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When I Was More Than Enough

I’ve officially marked two weeks of my sabbatical. Initially, I felt as though I spent most of the days thinking a lot and doing very little. I said I was in the ‘ideation’ phase so thinking was part of the process. But then I thought, and thought and overthought and then started overthinking about how much I was […]

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