When I Was Successful

I’ve started blogs, projects, jobs, careers. I’ve also ceased to continue them and in doing so, I felt as though I had failed.

But every decision I made was calculated and meticulously thought out. I stopped my Tumblr blog because I didn’t enjoy the platform and I no longer felt connected to my words. I took a break until WordPress drew me in and I started shesaseeker. I took a leap and changed careers, but only after I had ignored my gut for seven years. I then got another job, in a completely different industry.

I may have failed to continue, but I have never failed to start again.

So today, I’ve realised that my greatest success, has been in simply starting.


61 thoughts on “When I Was Successful

  1. Starting is sometimes the hardest part, so good for you. We are our own worst critics and tend to pick apart our decisions, finding fault in what we choose. Changing course shouldn’t be seen as failure, just as growing in a different direction. Freedom is our ultimate lifeblood and we should be able to make decisions to alter our paths without fear of judgement from even our biggest critic. Congratulations on starting and continuing to change the course of your life! You are following your heart.

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    1. Thank you so much for your sharing your insightful thoughts and for the support. I agree with every word. I doubt, fear, I question, I critique, but there seems to be no shaking this Self. When she knows, she just knows! 🙂

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  2. Every blog post when I read it in my e-mail always has something inspiring to say.
    For those who feel that not being able to continue is a failure because we are always starting new projects, this was lovely.
    Thank you :). It made me feel a lot better about my decisions.

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    1. Honestly, thank you. Your incredibly kind, supportive words have made me feel good about every decision I’ve made to this point. My heart swells. I really do appreciate it!


    1. The link didn’t work? 😳 well that’s kinda weird. But anyways.. Try again later? And I love your posts.. I would keep an eye for them


      1. Yeah, when I click on your blog it’s saying “it’s not available. The authors have deleted this site.” Strange, I’ve never seen it before. And thank you!


  3. Putting an end to something can be scary but it does not mean failure. It takes confidence to leave a job or any situation that is comfortable (and pays the bills) and try something new. Experiences allow us to grow and make up a part of who we are.


  4. Go girl! I think it’s easy to beat ourselves up when we don’t meet our own or others expectations of ourselves, but hey, we’re human! Just as long as you get back up and find something else that serves you better.


  5. It’s never a failure if you’ve tried it and it didn’t work out any longer. It’s simply a decision to move on to other, better and more exciting things. And that in itself is more importantly bravery 🙂


  6. Recently I quit my job, though I enjoyed parts of it,it wasn’t for me. A very difficult decision to make but I made it because, I rather brave the unknown in search of something beautiful than stay safe and warm but miserable.


  7. I feel like my entire adult life so far is full of false starts. I keep moving on from things and changing my focus in search of that “something” that will hold my focus and passion. It’s nice to see I’m not alone in this!


    1. I’ve been there and felt that too Jackie. You are certainly not alone in this. In fact, I’ve now met many others who are not afraid to admit that they too are ever curious souls. I wish you well on your amazing journey to discovering what captures your focus. Just know, it’s okay if it’s not one thing but many 🙂

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  8. About Tumblr: I had done the same thing! Funnily enough, I just made a post about it, haha. I’ve always been on a sort of start-stop basis on all of my projects as well, because I’ve never been sure if any of them would be successful or not. That and lack of inspiration.
    It’s nice to find someone else who has done something similar, and in such a close timeframe!

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  9. Exactly! This is what life is all about. Moving forward and finding a way to enjoy this beautiful journey! I’m so glad you have found peace with your own sense of failure as it is not failure it was just a sociaital programmed response. I love that you have seen your wonderful success in always keeping on! Cheers!

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  10. That’s the most important and greatest step we can take. Is simply starting. Good for you for finding out what you needed to start again and doing. Often the first step is the hardest and you took!

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  11. There is an unreasonable pressure many of us feel to ‘find a passion’. And the implication of that is one would continue indefinitely in pursuit of said passion, and stopping pursuit would be an implied failure (don’t be a quitter!) Some may have that singular attachment, but many don’t. The universe rewards the raw act of creation – form from the ether. And that means starting. It doesn’t always mean continuing, especially if the creative act is no longer inspired. Keep starting.

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  12. Thank you so much for following my blog as well. I really like your outlook on life. It’s always a great idea to keep writing your feelings. When you think no one is watching the whole world will follow. Take care.

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  13. You’re an achiever ~
    Reading this reminded me of me in so many ways and I loved how honest you were about things. It was super motivational!! May you always find something new to be passionate about and always find a new way to start again at the end of every seemingly dead end ~

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  14. I deeply admire and respect your wotds because you speak of hurt,wounds and bravery. Thank you for writing !

    Can I find on Facebook by any chance?


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