Where I am

I am 30 and some months.

I am unmarried, un-partnered, un-mortgaged, without child.

I am living back with my parents.

I own very little of anything.

I am dealing with my anxieties –

of being unmarried, un-partnered, un-mortgaged, without child.

of living back with my parents.

of owning very little of anything.

But, I am actively dealing with it.

I’m reading, I’m learning, I’m sharing my truth with myself and others. At times, I’m uncomfortable, but I’m putting in the work towards acceptance, resilience, and completeness. I am expanding and shifting. I am shedding myself off of my own judgements, notions, and unchecked biases.

I am beginning to own my story, own my Self.

At 30, I am not obliged, I am not burdened, I am debt free. I have choices. I have opportunities. I have friendship. I have abundant love and I have support.

I. am. free.

I have never felt so completely alone, yet so complete.

No, this is not what I had planned for me at this age, but this is me right now, so I will accept it, and continue on this path with curiosity, and gratitude.

I must continue putting in the work. It is going to take work.

And right now,  I am so willing.





92 thoughts on “Where I am

      1. I love your sense of vulnerability in yourself and your life and in sharing your thoughts this way. Blogging is such a therapeutic way to help shift through all kinds of complicated. Thank you.

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      2. So lovely thank you! After reading Brene Brown’s work, it began to change me. I began to see that vulnerability could be a superpower. It’s only in others’ willingness and courage to be vulnerable, that has inspired me to be the same. It’s inspired me to live my truth. Therapeutic is certainly how writing feels to me. Thank you for such kind words Shaynelouise ❤️

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  1. This is beautiful. I just turned 30 in February and this reminds me SO much of where I was last year.

    Last year.

    Because, day by day, time marches on.

    And you get stronger. And BETTER. And, as committed as you are, you will also be HAPPY. And I am happy for you 🙂

    Xo Charlene

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    1. Happy belated birthday!!

      How wonderful and inspirational. Thank you for living your truth!! I’m happy for you too.

      Thank you for your beautiful uplifting words. I so appreciate it. Here’s to leaning into the day by day, embracing every step of the journey.

      Shruti xoxo

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  2. I can relate to this a lot, I’m constantly comparing myself to others who are the same age as me and are married, with children and their own house. Life has its own path for each of us and there are no time limits.

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  3. Your story is relatable, and i’d say you’re doing great with this reflection of yours. Continue being yourself and walk the journey of life at your own pace.

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  4. Thank you for liking my post ‘Let go’!

    You have a very nice blog. I can relate to this post. I am also 30 and some months. I am too unmarried. I also live with my parents. I am too dealing with my life with the hope that things will change.

    Best of luck for your life. Things will definitely change.


  5. I’m turning 50 next year..I’m not where I an supposed to be ..married ..I’m divorced. Being single scares the hell out of me. But I’m happy. I love the freedom that comes with it.

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    1. What’s a beautiful outlook. Yes it’s scary, I can vouch for that. But I realised we can miss out on all that’s to gain when we just focus on what we’ve lost. Best of luck to you, and I’m glad you’re happy and embracing the shift.

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  6. Thank you for sharing this. I am pretty much the same, with different variables. There must be some community for the people like us 🙂


  7. When I was a student — around your age, I guess — I went to a fair (in Germany, a Christmas market I think) and there was a booth with sayings, affirmations, etc. that you could hang on your wall. One read “today is the first day of the rest of your life” — and I thought it was funny. Your text also captures this sentiment for me: the limitlessness of opportunity when we look forwards, rather than back. It’s very beautiful! 😀


  8. I am 34 and completely relate to you, and celebrate you for sharing this so openly and transparently Sis. We, and those like us at all ages, are in a unique position — and sometimes unique positions feel lonely because there isn’t a lot of company there. But I pray that as you continue exploring, you find the company of those who can — and can’t — relate kind, lifegiving and inspiring. Keep shining brightly!

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    1. You’ve articulated this so so eloquently, ah I love it! Thank you thank you. You’re a beautiful writer! It’s so unique, and lonely, but it’s amazing that once you start living and sharing your truth, you start meeting others who can relate. Opening this dialogue up has made such a profound impact in my life. You’re truly amazing, I truly appreciate yours words. Thank you x


  9. It is so awesome to Accept today and take Responsibility dear young friend. Freedom has always been my driving light.
    Am sure the best of your life is yet to unfold. Hope and Wait. Love 🤗

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    1. Thank you. I love all your posts, the honesty, the wisdom, I look forward to reading your pieces. I always appreciate when others share their truth for it allows others like me to lean towards theirs. Thank you 💕


  10. Very honest view of your life. I think it’s a wonderful quality to have the ability to know yourself and expose yourself through words. You’re almost complete 😊


  11. There is so much pressure to fit in and do the things that everyone else is doing. But do living up to these expectations really fulfill us? I get a sense that being unmarried, single etc. seem like less than ideal things from what I’m grasping from your post. I believe this is what society has shaped us to want. Speaking from experience, completing this list wont make us whole or make us feel more fulfilled because we are hungry for something more, something that has greater meaning to our existence. I like how you mentioned completeness. I agree – what we truly want to feel is complete. 😇

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    1. Hi Hilary, sorry for the delay in reply (and this huge comment). I absolutely love this, thank you! You’re right, your sense from my words was so correct! I didn’t want to admit it at first. I wanted to say to you, “no way, single is ideal for me!” But that’s not true. I do feel the pressure. Yearning for another is a default, and it’s a sort of conditioning that I am learning to be mindful of. Learning to not only be happy where I am, but to find the power in it.
      In the past, I used to numb myself, escape feeling at all. These days, I want to feel everything, in order to know myself whole, the completeness. Thank you for your words, it truly made me reflect and call myself out on my own crap (in an amazing way, there’s nothing I love more!) Thank you, thank you! Truly xxxx


  12. I am new to this whole “putting yourself out there for anyone to see” thing.
    Not a big fan of the term “blogging”, because it is so trendy and hip and just what people do. I decided to start to tell my story to anybody or nobody, but mainly to myself.
    Then after a small post, a first small step, a stranger comes along and gives me a thumbs up. It is basically a way to say “I hear you and the struggle is real”.
    Thank you for telling your story.

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    1. I’ll never forget my first thumbs up. I’ve learnt the power in community. You are supported. This piece of realestate is all yours, no compulsory labels. You can call it what you want, do with it what you please.
      The struggle is certainly real, and it is shared. Take care ❤️

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  13. I am so excited for the possibilities for your future. It’s never the destination, it’s the journey. Enjoy your travel. 🙂

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  14. I’m approaching 50, and I wish I’d had your self-awareness 20 years ago. But one of the most important things I’m learning is not to live with regret. We make decisions based on our circumstances and best intentions. If they don’t lead where we want to be we can reflect. Is there something to learn? Is this where we’re actually meant to be?

    At whatever age we learn how to really be at peace with ourselves, I think that’s when the best years of our life begin.

    “Owning very little of anything” is a great place to be. As time goes by I realise how little I need to own. I slowly declutter my life of unnecessary objects, as I also try to declutter my mind of unhelpful thoughts. It is so liberating!

    God bless you and your journey.


    1. Such beautiful insight Gavin, thank you for sharing. I agree with you, our timing is ours alone, and the focus really is arriving at that wonderful place of peace within ourselves. It’s a constant journey, sometimes a battle, but I realise now, that is just life.
      I hope I continue, questioning, learning, evolving, battling, overcoming, arriving at specific points in my journey to pause and reflect. Then, continue the journey all over again.
      Thank you so very much.
      Take care, power and light to you on your journey.

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  15. I love this post. It may not be where you planned to be. As I’m telling myself, you get to now choose where you want to head to. To design your life. I hope it’s awesome!
    Love, light and glitter


    1. Thank you Ash. I was started to feel caged, as if being 30 and alone was some sort of prison sentence. It’s weird and wonderful and at times quite painful where our mind travels to. I knew I needed to shift perspective, to take ownership. To say and write the things out loud so that I could begin my journey of acceptance. It was incredibly painful writing this post, but so so necessary. It liberated me. Thank you again Ash, I am always so taken aback by the kindness of humans xx

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  16. It is hard to buck “ societal norms.” Follow you.

    I am 53, never married, no children yet I have a full life that I love. To each her own.

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  17. Great self aware and reflective post. As they say comparison is the enemy of joy. Keep doing what you’re doing and forging ahead on your own individual journey. As I was reading the first few lines of this post about being 30, not being married etc, it brought to mind a recent advert I had seen by Flashpackers. A company which specialises in small group adventures for people between 30-49, based on the premise that this age group still loves travel and adventure, but would prefer it with a bit more comfort and people their own age rather than teenagers. I’d definitely recommend you look into it and see if it’s for you!


  18. This entire post resonates with me soooooo much! I’ve been experiencing negative feelings towards myself because of my age and not being where I thought I would be by now… but I’m trying to remind myself that I’m doing what is best for me and I shouldn’t compare myself to others or set expectations for myself that are way too high. You’ve just made this a lot easier so thank you!


    1. Hi Hannah, thank you for sharing your truth here. It’s so courageous of you. Let this be a reminder to you, you are right where you’re supposed to be, right where you are. Be gentle, be kind. Restricting time frames, unrealistic expectations, comparison, can steal away our joy from the tiny beautiful moments that can be so profound, if only we’re paying more attention. Go gently x


  19. Struggle creates character. Any hardship you face helps create who you are and sharing your story can help others. Continue to share!


  20. So, I AM married, mortgaged, have a child… and a butt-load of debt and craziness in my life. I’m grateful for all of it, none of it has come easy.
    That said, your comments, “At times, I’m uncomfortable, but I’m putting in the work towards acceptance, resilience, and completeness. I am expanding and shifting. I am shedding myself off of my own judgements, notions, and unchecked biases.” Speaks to me on a gut level.
    Now that my child is in high school and I am officially, full-time working, I am feeling less lost. Odd as it may seem to you, who does not have those things right now; I lost myself in all of it and have gone through the painful, yet rewarding to find myself again.
    Blessings on your life journey, whatever it brings ❤️

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  22. This is so relatable Madam.. Just because the society says you are wrong doesn’t mean you are wrong. Their opinions don’t matter.
    You are free. Please cherish that.
    More power to you..!! 😊


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