When I Just Loved

I’ve always loved taking photos and making videos. My dad is into photography and I happened to catch his love for it. I had this incessant need to capture every moment, to almost remind myself that I was in fact alive. Like the time we were 14. We went ute surfin’ in our pjs. J […]

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When I Was Hard To Love

For the majority of the past four years, I haven’t been easy to love. Not because I wasn’t deserving of it, but because I had convinced myself that I wasn’t. I existed in a self induced isolation, the perfect setting to indulge in self loathing. I didn’t directly push people away, I simply made it […]

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When I Ran To India

Five years ago. I ran and I didn’t look back. When I was there, I still wanted to run. To the next bus, next town, I couldn’t bare to sit still. I told everyone I was there to find myself, until I realised that I was there to lose myself completely. I wanted the world […]

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When I Knew The Greatest Love

When I told my friends of his decision, they asked whether he was having a midlife crisis, stress at work maybe, or was there another woman, anything to support me. But, none of this could dilute the fact that he had made a decision, his own decision. My friends were angry, but why wasn’t I? […]

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