When I Said Yes

You’d visit me, in my sleep, and even when I woke, like a knight to the rescue.

You would ask me the same question, and I would reply with the same answer, “no”. I would tell you I wasn’t ready, I didn’t believe in me. I was just terrified, convinced I couldn’t live up to your expectations.

For a while, you continued to visit, each time I would turn you away. 

Until eventually, you stopped. 

It was then I felt the emptiness you had left behind. It was then I began my search for you.

Although at times difficult, I began to work on me, in the hope that if we were to meet again, I would be ready, as my best self. 

The more I did, the more I grew into my own. I became gentle, kind, understanding, accepting, eventually I even learnt love. 

Then as it so happens, when I was least expecting, there was a knock at my door. You were just as I remembered, but I was changed, evolved, grown. 

You asked me the same question you did those many years ago, “are you ready to answer to your calling?”.

This time, for the first time, I answered “yes”. 

photograph — after the rains, suburbia Kathmandu. 

27 thoughts on “When I Said Yes

    1. So lovely of you, thank you Nata. To be honest, even I didn’t know who it was when I started writing this piece. All I knew was that I had to write. You know that feeling, that you just must? It was only at the end, that it revealed itself. Thank you again, I really appreciate the support xx


      1. You are very much welcome. It’s writing like yours reminds me I too have much to say and I need to get to writing.

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