When I Didn’t Want To Be Rescued

I’ve started plenty of things that I never finished. I’ve quit jobs. I’ve prematurely shared my grandiose ideas with others, because it sounded better than “I actually have no idea.” I’ve made decisions quickly and changed my mind at double the speed. I would see others who stayed – in jobs, in relationships, in cities. […]

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What I Carry

As I’ve written before, I owe so much to my heartbreak. It was the shakeup I needed to makeup with my Self. But now, after all has settled, I can see the aftermath. My heartbreak has left me with baggage, at least a little carry on suitcase. I don’t trust so easy. H was kind, […]

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How I’ve Managed My Heartbreak

Post long term relationship breakdown aka a knife to the gut, I’ve been asked how I managed it all. In the relationship, I became reliant. As much as I was empowered, independent, I began to grow increasingly dependent and happily so. The relationship was my safety net, my comfort, a beautifully convenient distraction from the […]

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My Chaos

No one was to ever find out what I kept captive within me  – my secret, my chaos. I confined it, deep down, barricaded by walls of darkness. My chaos would not be contained. I tip toed, skirted, danced around it, hoping neglect to be its peril. My chaos would not be ignored. I scolded, humiliated, insulted it, hoping to render it powerless. […]

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When I Went To Her Rescue

M has fallen deeply in like with a guy. He’s wonderful, and I rarely think her guys are wonderful. At first she was guarded but as she grew more comfortable, she let him in. And right then, is when he asked for space. His reasoning is honest and fair. She’s made it very clear that she is sure about […]

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