My Chaos

No one was to ever find out what I kept captive within me  – my secret, my chaos.

I confined it, deep down, barricaded by walls of darkness.

My chaos would not be contained.

I tip toed, skirted, danced around it, hoping neglect to be its peril.

My chaos would not be ignored.

I scolded, humiliated, insulted it, hoping to render it powerless.

My chaos only grew more powerful.

I could no longer contain it, no longer ignore it. 

My chaos, would find its freedom.


5 thoughts on “My Chaos

  1. “Chaos”, “Shadow”…

    It is your Shire horse, a huge beautiful creature which can carry any weight and carry you where you wish to go. It is your strength, which other damaged people have not been able to tolerate. It is you made in the Image of God, loving, creative, powerful, beautiful.

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  2. Hello,
    Thank you for liking my post. I actually went through and looked at a few of yours and I found your blog intriguing. Your writing style is quite eloquently written. You’re very good. I love how introspective your posts are and the concept behind your About page. You’ve definitely got yourself another follower. I’m looking forward to seeing more. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you for such wonderful, generous words of support and encouragement John, I really appreciate it. Happy one year of blogging! I commend your commitment to discovering your true self and sharing your experiences. I really respect that. Hope you find all you’re searching for…and more 🙂

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