When I Went To Her Rescue

M has fallen deeply in like with a guy. He’s wonderful, and I rarely think her guys are wonderful. At first she was guarded but as she grew more comfortable, she let him in. And right then, is when he asked for space. His reasoning is honest and fair. She’s made it very clear that she is sure about him. He’s just come out of a serious relationship and he knows moving too fast is a sure way of a relationship crashing and burning. He’s entitled to space. The last thing M wants is to push him against his will to want to be with her.

So, we spent Friday night on her rooftop accompanied by the city lights and two bottles of red. We reflected, gained perspective, were brutally honest, danced like lunatics, laughed our arses off, and cried our eyes out. We’re grateful for what we have. No other relationship has even come close.


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