I spoke with M today

She said she’d never seen me so unhappy. I was unshakeable in it. She said no matter how much she reached out to me, I’d give her nothing. She said it was strange to see me like that. She said that me unhappy, just wasn’t me.

I stopped her there. I told her that unhappiness was me, all me. I had made a mistake when I thought it was a foreign parasite that I had to battle and kill off. No, it was a part of me then, and it still is now. It’s one I can’t do without. I’m not whole without it, I’m not me.

Well… she said, I guess I’d just never seen you so – whole. 


6 thoughts on “I spoke with M today

  1. Unhappiness is a part of who we are. Battling it only makes us more miserable in my experience. Embracing it, liberates one and reminds you what life is all about. It’s the happiest I have ever felt!

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