My Fears

Recently my fears were running rampant. I tried fending them off but this only seemed to make them more feral. So, I decided I would just invite them in, and allow them to be heard. And I listened. I fear that: maybe the reason why I have no idea what I’m doing is because I […]

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When I Just Loved

I’ve always loved taking photos and making videos. My dad is into photography and I happened to catch his love for it. I had this incessant need to capture every moment, to almost remind myself that I was in fact alive. Like the time we were 14. We went ute surfin’ in our pjs. J […]

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When I Was Rescued

You didn’t have to. You could have watched me stay, because I believed I had to. Watched me struggle, because I felt I had no choice. Watched me stop dreaming, because I had stopped believing. You could have watched until the fire in my eyes dimmed, starved of all hope, trust, belief. But, you didn’t, because you knew – it’s the fire, which makes me, keeps me, […]

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When I Was Successful

I’ve started blogs, projects, jobs, careers. I’ve also ceased to continue them and in doing so, I felt as though I had failed. But every decision I made was calculated and meticulously thought out. I stopped my Tumblr blog because I didn’t enjoy the platform and I no longer felt connected to my words. I took a break until […]

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Some days she’s whole some days, pieces scattered. Her whole life she would spend piecing herself together.

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When I Used To Be

Far too often I find myself saying, “when I was younger, I used to be a runner, singer, writer, performer, creator.” I used to be. I used to be. Yes, I used to just be. So freely, without hesitation. But you know what, that was a long time ago now. I’m not that carefree child anymore. […]

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Oh my darling, you are not who you were in high school, when you were 21. You are evolving. Your body, your mind, your soul – always evolving. And today my darling, you are grown.

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When I Was More Than Enough

I’ve officially marked two weeks of my sabbatical. Initially, I felt as though I spent most of the days thinking a lot and doing very little. I said I was in the ‘ideation’ phase so thinking was part of the process. But then I thought, and thought and overthought and then started overthinking about how much I was […]

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