What I Carry

As I’ve written before, I owe so much to my heartbreak. It was the shakeup I needed to makeup with my Self. But now, after all has settled, I can see the aftermath. My heartbreak has left me with baggage, at least a little carry on suitcase. I don’t trust so easy. H was kind, […]

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Does It Have To End?

When I committed, I gave myself a year. To have my adventure, to sort my shit out, to realise my ideas, be my true self once and for all, to discover my life’s work and start creating it. Then, I would return to Australia to continue it on home soil, never having to go back […]

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When I Committed (Finally)

In the past couple of months, I’ve not only been letting go, but letting it be, accepting all that was, and all that is no longer. The focus then shifted upon me and my Self, and our relationship. I have for so long rejected my Self. Stifling, dismissing, her dreams, her aspirations, her desires, her […]

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When I Was Rescued

You didn’t have to. You could have watched me stay, because I believed I had to. Watched me struggle, because I felt I had no choice. Watched me stop dreaming, because I had stopped believing. You could have watched until the fire in my eyes dimmed, starved of all hope, trust, belief. But, you didn’t, because you knew – it’s the fire, which makes me, keeps me, […]

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When I Realised My Greatest Fear

Two weeks ago, I made a decision to resign. From work I love, a team I adore, and clients I wholeheartedly care for. In the months leading up to it, my fears berated me – Be more resilient, fight it, it’s normal to be unhappy with your job. Everyone is unhappy with their job.  What will your […]

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