What I Carry

As I’ve written before, I owe so much to my heartbreak. It was the shakeup I needed to makeup with my Self. But now, after all has settled, I can see the aftermath. My heartbreak has left me with baggage, at least a little carry on suitcase. I don’t trust so easy. H was kind, […]

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When I Dared To Be Seen

During the course of the last few months, I’ve been pushing myself forward, mindfully, creating the life I want, the life I believe I’ve always been destined for. I have very few answers. I’m learning to just trust the process as it unfolds. I have faith in who I am, and where I’m heading. This […]

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When I Used To Be

Far too often I find myself saying, “when I was younger, I used to be a runner, singer, writer, performer, creator.” I used to be. I used to be. Yes, I used to just be. So freely, without hesitation. But you know what, that was a long time ago now. I’m not that carefree child anymore. […]

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Oh my darling, you are not who you were in high school, when you were 21. You are evolving. Your body, your mind, your soul – always evolving. And today my darling, you are grown.

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You’re not precious Self. You will hurt. You need to feel it. You’re not alone Self. You will find others. You need to let them in. You’re not lost Self. You’re right here. You never even left.      

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When It Had To Be Written

I’d always thought myself a writer. But in recent years, I’d barely put pen to paper. Then, an epiphany arrived when I received some sage advice from a friend. She said to me, “write, writer!” I decided in that moment that my writing didn’t have to be perfect, it just had to be written.

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When I Was Lacking

There was a time, I knew what I had within me. There was a time I utilised all that I had – all I was, was all of me. As the years went by, I tried, oh, I tried to fit. For the sake of having a “career”, I began to learn how to make sense to […]

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To My Imperfect Self

You’ve lost your way, made mistakes. Now, you’re finding your way, learning, even as you falter. And you will falter. You’ve hurt, and you’ve been hurt. Now, you’ve been making amends, and you’re learning to heal. And you will heal. Oh Self, you are so far from perfect – But to me, you are the closest to […]

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I’m Investing

I don’t have the means to invest in money, just yet. What I do have, is time. Now, every spare moment I will spend, investing – In my body my mind my soul and my relationships. This is how I will build my riches.    

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