“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – C.G. Jung

Photograph – The Twelve Apostles, Victoria, Australia.Β 

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When I Committed (Finally)

In the past couple of months, I’ve not only been letting go, but letting it be, accepting all that was, and all that is no longer. The focus then shifted upon me and my Self, and our relationship. I have for so long rejected my Self. Stifling, dismissing, her dreams, her aspirations, her desires, her […]

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After He Leaves, What’s Left?

When it happened, my friends, even his parents, they asked me, how? How could he have loved you so? They saw it, the mutual respect, the admiration, the happiness. How could he have done so much, said all those things? They heard it, said with such resolute. When? When did it all dissipate? When did […]

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When I Just Loved

I’ve always loved taking photos and making videos. My dad is into photography and I happened to catch his love for it. I had this incessant need to capture every moment, to almost remind myself that I was in fact alive. Like the time we were 14. We went ute surfin’ in our pjs. J […]

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When I Was Hard To Love

For the majority of the past four years, I haven’t been easy to love. Not because I wasn’t deserving of it, but because I had convinced myself that I wasn’t. I existed in a self induced isolation, the perfect setting to indulge in self loathing. I didn’t directly push people away, I simply made it […]

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When I Ran To India

Five years ago. I ran and I didn’t look back. When I was there, I still wanted to run. To the next bus, next town, I couldn’t bare to sit still. I told everyone I was there to find myself, until I realised that I was there to lose myself completely. I wanted the world […]

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When I Knew The Greatest Love

When I told my friends of his decision, they asked whether he was having a midlife crisis, stress at work maybe, or was there another woman, anything to support me. But, none of this could dilute the fact that he had made a decision, his own decision. My friends were angry, but why wasn’t I? […]

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