So, She Let Go

She did not beg.

She did not grovel.

She would not ask to be loved.

– so, she let go. 




64 thoughts on “So, She Let Go

    1. Thank you darling. It’s sometimes hard to comprehend feelings as we’re experiencing them. Be gentle on yourself, the answers will arrive in due course. Keep writing, you have a beautiful way with words. Take care x

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  1. It’s the letting go of the ‘active’ want to be loved is what makes one more centered, remove the cause of unfulfillment prevents the possible sorrow itself, easier said than done though. Hmm, maybe in a way it allows for the utter surprise of ‘accidentally’ finding love? I admire very much your economy of words 🙂


  2. You got me stumped. Beautiful words. I like very much what you have written. Honest and melting words. 🙂


  3. I smiled when I read your haiku on steroids. I have been trying to “let it go” for reasons other than Love. Had I read your poem forty years ago, my teenage years would have been less of the Love angst and more of my dear Mum’s daisies. I eventually found Love. Well, I think it is Love. No, I am sure it is Love. Gosh, I hope it is Love!


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    1. I’m sure it is love Francis! Thank you for your words. Just as I feel I have let it go, I realise that there are still aspects I’m holding on to. I guess letting go isn’t a one step fix, it takes time. It all takes time. Thank you again. Take care of yourself.


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