It’s been over a month – Kathmandu, Nepal

Over a month, since I took the leap, to travel, to take reign of my life and my work. This city’s beauty is confronting, the people, so honest, even in their deceit. The constant buzz, the sheer amount of activity, can feel intrusive, yet completely isolating. It’s the extreme contrasts of this city, that I am so in love with.

Here are some photos to mark the milestone.

I feel the chaos, the fear, the doubt, but I’m here and I’m willing, I don’t want to be anywhere else but right here.




8 thoughts on “It’s been over a month – Kathmandu, Nepal

      1. Hey, no I left a month ago, but I look forward to your post about Pokhara. I was supposed to visit for a week but injured my knee during a freak photography parkour accident!


      2. Oh bugger! That’s no good. Although, a freak photography parkour accident is strangely a cool way as any to injure yourself. Hope you’re all good now though. I’ll be chilling there for 2-3 weeks. I’ll make sure to keep my parkour tendencies in check! Take care 😊


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