When I Was Hard To Love

For the majority of the past four years, I haven’t been easy to love. Not because I wasn’t deserving of it, but because I had convinced myself that I wasn’t. I existed in a self induced isolation, the perfect setting to indulge in self loathing. I didn’t directly push people away, I simply made it more difficult for them to be around me. I had so little to offer them, by way of energy, time, and attention. I felt hopeless, faithless, and joy, well I could no longer recall such a feeling. It wasn’t a good place to be in.

On a daily basis I would struggle. It started with meeting up with people. I would make excuses for why I couldn’t make it, to onlyΒ sit at home and watch movies like a zombie, accompanied only by anxiety. Soon enough my anxiety became so monstrous, that getting out of bed became my biggest challenge. I was immobile. I didn’t seek help, I hated doing that.

If others knew this about me, they would find it hard to believe. You’re the happiest person I know, they would say, and they’d be right. I’ve always been the happy one, I’ve always helped others see the silver lining. So, at first I found it difficult to seek help, but, I did, because I knew I had to.

Then there was this relationship, it was perfect, he was perfect. Yet, I didn’t believe him, I didn’t trust his love. How could he love me? The me, so often hopeless and broken, barely holding myself together. Yet he did, time and time again, the best of me and the worst, he loved me. I wanted to be perfect for him, and I was anything but. To him, I am grateful.

I’m still figuring it out, and I’m okay with the fact that I will always be doing so. What I know for sure, is that I am no longer in that place. There is now light in my darkness. Of course, I still have my battles, as we all do, but I now know how to fight them. With perspective, compassion, love and empathy, towards my Self. Because now I believe, that I am deserving.

52 thoughts on “When I Was Hard To Love

  1. It is amazing how hard it is to love ourselves. Is it because we are taught that loving ourselves is a sin. Anyway, I want to thank you for letting me know you liked, “Grass roof and mud floor” on https://reflixtions.wordpress.com. – I shall be following you. Does that constitute electronic stalking?
    Thanks again and Aloha – Percy Ardent


  2. Inspiring!
    I also struggle with anxiety so it’s nice to see someone else’s perspective on love and acceptance πŸ™‚


    1. It’s an ongoing struggle, although it may not be as consuming now, anxiety is something I know I will always have to manage as it’s a part of me. Thank you so much for reading, take care.

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    1. Thank you, your words the same. When my words had all but tried up (well so I thought) my friend had said to me, “write, writer.” I look forward to reading more of your words. They are just beautiful. X

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  3. Outstanding words of honesty. That was a not only a great read but also a relatable one. Thank you for being so brave to share your heart and words.


    1. Thank you for visiting. I’m slowly figuring my way past it. So far, my search for love has turned inward. I can feel it’s exactly what I’ve been yearning for.


  4. This post is so brave. I was the same way, just because you can bring joy to others doesn’t mean you are not depressed. It’s just makes you more empathetic.


  5. This is such an inspiring post and serves as another example that dark times are not forever! Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your story:-)

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    1. Thank you Angela for such thoughtful words. When I went through the darkness, my loved ones would tell me that it would pass. But it’s hard to believe until you travel through and out the other end on your own. It did pass, and I grew so much having experienced it. Thank you for reading x

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  6. Thanks for sharing, I feel we can relate to this in some way. There will always be dark but the sun will shine again. Thanks also for the ‘like’ on my post. I’m catching up on reading and am a few months’ behind. Peace and blessings! πŸ™‚


  7. What helped you? I’m currently suffering really badly anxiety. This is the first time It’s reached this level. I need all the help I can get. Xx


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