When I Knew The Greatest Love

When I told my friends of his decision, they asked whether he was having a midlife crisis, stress at work maybe, or was there another woman, anything to support me. But, none of this could dilute the fact that he had made a decision, his own decision. My friends were angry, but why wasn’t I? Why was I so calm, so kind, so happy, so accepting? 

Because his love for me was not an obligation. He didn’t owe me all he gave me for four wonderful years, nor did I ever ask for it. He was no longer happy, so he made a decision. How could I make him feel he had to stay, when staying was no longer his choice. 

I feel so proud, of this man, who loved me enough, respected me enough, to just let me know his truths. I loved him enough to hear him, over the heartbreak.

Thank you H, for your fortified love, respect, and support during our four years. And thank you, for your honesty in letting me go. 

When we were together, I’d say that I always wished for you to fly, with or without me. Now I know, I truly meant it. 

I have never known a love so great, as the love I let go of.


58 thoughts on “When I Knew The Greatest Love

  1. Love is so complex, my mind is trying to understand how you could be this kind but it’s not a mind thing it’s a heart thing. Love is an incredibly complicated beautiful thing.
    Your honour for him is a true expression of love .

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    1. It definitely is. I think I am this way because he hasn’t done anything wrong. Him no longer being in love with me is not wrong. He’s always done the right thing by me, even in leaving. Staying however, when he was no longer in love with me, would’ve been the wrong thing to do. For him, for me, for us.

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  2. i loved your blog titles absolutely, don’t mind if one of these days i use them 🙂
    I went thru a similar life turning experience but it wasn’t as nice s you penned it coz it didn’t go out the right/respectful way but just .. nyhow, im very grateful for the experience still, i love the person that i am today.. Love your way of blogging xoxoxo


  3. You’re so very incredibly brave, I’d love to be able to adopt the courage to view things as you do, as you did ~ its inspiring and unbelievingly resilient and I pray you’re both able to find the happiness you both deserve, with or without each other.

    I can’t imagine how difficult it must’ve been to accept all that you did, so willingly however I hope you never forget how special and admirable you are nonetheless and that just because he was honest, doesn’t mean you weren’t worth sticking around for. You will always be deserving of love and worth sticking around for. I can’t help but admire his honesty too, I’m sure it wasn’t easy to just admit all he did…but you give me hope. Hope that there are still genuinely good people out there. Hope that people can still be honest and not just liars.

    Your post was heart wrenchingly beautiful ~

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    1. You’re a beautiful soul, I appreciate your support and your words thank you. Don’t lose hope hun, there are kind, loving, honest souls out there still. You, yourself are a perfect example of just that x

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  4. The world needs you. Your thoughts. Your heart. Your kindness. Your understanding. Your maturity. Your grace.

    Thanks for being here, I have a lot to learn from you.


  5. Wow! I absolutely love this and honestly wish I received the same result as you did. With my story, I wasn’t given the truth and still do not have that closure. More men need to be like that – being up front about their feelings. Some believe it is an act of weakness, to express ones feelings, but I see it as one of the strongest attributes a person can have.

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      1. Were you able to overcome it? I still feel like I am living through the nightmare and pain. It’s been nine months and it still hurts just as bad


      2. I guess for me it wasn’t so much overcoming, rather I came to accept it. Accept that at the end of it all, no matter how it was done, what was said, unsaid, he did not want to be with me. I told myself over and over again that he was no longer in love with me. I said it out loud. I made myself listen to it. It hurt. But I realised then, that I didn’t want to be with someone who didn’t want to be with me. Closure arrived, slowly but surely, only after I made this decision. We all deal with things in our own way, in our own time. Do it your way hun, and in your own time X


      3. I took what you said, and I’ve been saying my thoughts out loud. For instance, that he does not want me and that he doesn’t deserve me & I think it’s helping a little bit with me moving on – thank you for sharing! xoxo


  6. As if you’ve let me see the true meaning of LOVE – to love for the sole purpose of loving and to be loved and see it as a gift to be cherished so long as it remains. I’ve written extensively about love on one of my blog posts, unconditional love is one of them, yet I’ve never seen the principle played in actual scenario such as what you’ve written here.
    Your’s is unconditional. You’ve earned my utmost respect for that!

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      1. Don’t mention it. I’m glad I came across your blog! Thank you instead for liking one of my post, thru that I found your blog! ☺


  7. I hope to find a love that even when it comes to its close it honors you throughout the process. Your post gives me faith that these people still exists and that we have the capacity to choose to live and be this way.

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