When I Was Rescued

You didn’t have to.

You could have watched me stay, because I believed I had to. Watched me struggle, because I felt I had no choice. Watched me stop dreaming, because I had stopped believing.

You could have watched until the fire in my eyes dimmed, starved of all hope, trust, belief.

But, you didn’t, because you knew –

it’s the fire, which makes me, keeps me, sustains me.

Dear Self, I thank you for the rescue.


30 thoughts on “When I Was Rescued

  1. I used to know what this meant, but no longer. There was a Me that would always be able to rescue any lost situation, that wanted good things to happen. But it’s too tired of these cycles now.


  2. wonderfully written. We have to rely on self and find inner strength at times to withstand the storms and the heartbreaks of life and learn appreciation for lessons taught and learnt as hard as that may seem or be.

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