Fears of Fear Itself

I began last week in a perpetual state of fear. I was paralysed by it. The more I fought to shake it off, the more it began to consume me. Fear is one hell of a gluttonous beast.

My rescue, as it has so often before, arrived through my words. It began with hesitant, shaky scribbles but soon enough the strength returned to my fingers. My truth began to unfold.

I fear, fear itself.

So many times before, I had felt its wrath. It had rendered me powerless, taken my spirit, made me feel unimportant. But my words, they assured me that through my experience, I’d come to understand fear, its power, its tactics, and best of all, I had come to know the fears of fear itself –faith and hope.

My words reminded me

I am hopeful, and I have faith. 

Fear is not courageous, I am! Fear is not brave, I am! 



21 thoughts on “Fears of Fear Itself

  1. He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a strong mind. Fear is paralyzation of the mind and spirit. To overcome it is to have faith.

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  2. Intriguing that you find your courage within the craft of writing. I know the fear that engulfs me seems to show up just as I begin to write. Still, the longer a session of writing is, the less I experience the fear. Does ‘fear’ egg you on to write?

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    1. Ah yes isn’t it awful when fear turns up right on time?! Too often, I’ve abandoned my words because of fear. I’m not sure when fear arrived and made itself home. But now, since it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I’m trying to befriend it. Even as I type this, fear attempts to convince me not to write. I realise, that it’s up to me now to sit with my fear and no longer in it. This conscious separation is allowing me to push through, even with its presence. What do you do to combat your fears?

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      1. In order to get past that feeling of not being all that I should be for the task of writing, I have to give myself a good pep talk. And this feeling of not being good enough is what my fear is all about. Looking at unfinished work makes the feeling worse. Surprisingly, the blank piece of paper or the blank screen of a page doesn’t threaten me at all. Still, to complete those half-baked projects, the fear must be put in back of me, or at least put to the side. Although the pep talks are kind of short-lived so must be repeated, they do usually work for me.

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      2. I was afraid to show my writing to the world for years. I’ve destroyed, deleted and forgotten many scripts, and now that I am pushing past that fear, I am finding myself. Fear is part of us and it can help us if we learn to control it. Thank you for telling me, I’m not alone…

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      3. You are certainly not alone! It’s amazing how isolated our thoughts can get. I’m so happy to hear that you are finding yourself. Pushing past the fear is extremely hard, but it shows your resilience, your power, and your fortified commitment to your words. Power to you!!


  3. Thank you for visiting my post..:)
    Fears of fear itself…I have come across that too, when later I found out that fearing will only make it worst. Do not fear what you don’t know. Fear what you might not know instead.
    Have a beautiful day.

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    1. My pleasure! You’ve got a wonderful way with words. Keep at it! At the moment I’m trying to learn to sit with my fears so as to avoid being consumed in it. It’s a step by step process, but certainly one that is providing some clarity. Thank you for your thought provoking comment, I appreciate it. Take care 🙂

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