What I am

I am not certain.

I am not found.

I am not whole.


I am trying.



17 thoughts on “What I am

  1. Be encouraged knowing that you are not alone. I think sometimes the struggle makes the good days worth it. Best wishes to you for the holiday! Happy I found your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. xo

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I absolutely agree with you. This year I’ve learnt that the struggle is also a part of me and that I have to accept it in order to truly understand me whole. It was my pleasure, keep up the good work on your blog xo

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    1. I’m very happy that you enjoy my writing and I only hope that the positivity is contagious to those who stumble upon my words. Thank you for your support. Hope you’re having a beautiful start to the new year! x

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