When I Was Lacking

There was a time, I knew what I had within me.

There was a time I utilised all that I had – all I was, was all of me.

As the years went by, I tried, oh, I tried to fit. For the sake of having a “career”, I began to learn how to make sense to others while becoming more foreign to me.

Soon after, unhappiness started to make home in the fabric of my being. I knew I had to take a leap. As I took the first steps, I hesitated. I felt I was lacking -lacking courage, lacking skills, lacking confidence, lacking talent, lacking passion, lacking importance, lacking worth, lacking esteem, lacking all of it.

I’d forgotten what I had, all I once had within me.

Now, I’ve turned to the one who knows me best, the subject matter expert, my mentor, my teacher – my Self.

To remind me of all I once possessed, all I still possess, and then some…


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