When A Yogi Told Me My Truth

M and I were backpacking through India. We’d taken an overnight bus which had been running on its last breath from Delhi to Jaisalmer, an 18 hr trip. After celebrating our arrival/survival over breakfast, we wandered over to the local markets.

M had been wanting to get her palms read. In this neck of the spiritual woods, yogis are not hard to find. Within 6 seconds of walking into our first stall, the shop owner/yogi/palm reader had already grabbed M’s right palm promising her answers. It was a sign M said and surrendered, listening intently to his broken yet very proper english. I buried my hands deep into my pockets and started to browse through the stall. I wasn’t to know, and I didn’t believe.

When he finished with M, he turned his attention to me, fixing his eyes onto mine. Deep set, I remember how they reflected the glistening sand dunes of his homeland. They had seen hardship, so much hardship, yet they remained hopeful and kind. But I didn’t believe. I said no thank you, politely rejecting his palm reading advances.

But his gaze never faltered from mine. His persistence caught me off guard. I felt exposed. I couldn’t remember the last time I looked into the eyes of another, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so seen.

He smiled a big smile and reassured me that he didn’t need my palms to read me, for my eyes, they spoke volumes.

He asked me perplexed, Madam why are you so scared?

I laughed it off and thought of the two months I’d already spent in India. Proudly I proclaimed, nothing scares me!

No, no, he returned gently, not a thing madam, you are not scared of a thing. You are scared of you, only you.

Never again was a greater truth ever told.


17 thoughts on “When A Yogi Told Me My Truth

  1. While I can’t relate to the experience- I have never been to India- I can so much relate to the sentiment. Fear of who I am and who I will become has been a major part of my journey. I am learning to trust, however. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. The fact that you can take away a bit of your own story, from mine, means so much to me. I am so happy to hear that you are also learning to trust. Our selves, they do mean well. I wish you and yourself all the best on your journey together.


  2. Have you considered submitting to travel magazines? It’s excellently written.

    Also, thank you for liking my poem Gagged Marriage on my page. ^-^


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  3. That man stepped onto your path for a reason, and you saw, and took in the depth of his message. I like how you separate the You from the self. You seem like someone who allows love to melt fear away. Beautiful post. And thank you for visiting my site.

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    1. Thank you for reading Mary and for your kind words of encouragement. I’ve always found it easier to give love and difficult to receive it. Now, as I learn to let love in, I’m also letting in teachings from the universe, all of which I was not privy to before. 🙂


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