When You Don’t Know Your Passion

“Follow your passion, just do what makes you happy.”

This piece of advice used to motivate me but recently, it just made me feel more deflated. My life, as I knew it, had become a life based on how I thought I should be living – my passions, my own happiness had become elusive to me.

Without either to guide me, I had hopelessly drifted away from my core and toward the jagged shores of my unhappiness.

At first it was treacherous. But, as the months wore on, I was comforted by its perpetual existence within me. I began to converse with it, listen, learn it, understand it, befriend it, even put my faith in it.

Now, I have allowed it to be my guide and I, its most trusted disciple. For, I trust that my unhappiness will lead me back toward my core, my passions, and my own happiness.


7 thoughts on “When You Don’t Know Your Passion

      1. Thank you. Yes, absolutely. There are so many pathways. I’ve always been interested and inspired by the journeys other people take. I’ve realised that one’s journey toward their happiness is their own. Which has given me more freedom to explore mine. 🙂


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